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We are a year 5/6 (9-10 year olds) class from Bairds Mainfreight Primary School in Auckland, NZ.

You can see some of our learning that took place in Room 12 in 2010 and 2011.

NB: I have moved to a new school now so this blog is no longer active. You are still welcome to comment and look at the great fun we had over the past two years.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Bar Class Reflections

Describe the lesson you taught.

"I teached them how to play the guitar, it was challenging teaching them all at once, next time I would like more guitars. I learnt that I am like a teacher"

".First we taught them the basic like bowling and batting. We had a bowling practice first. They got to have 6 bowls each then they each had a turn at batting. But if they made a mistake we would teach them how to do it properly.After we finished the basics we played a game of cricket.we played on the field next to the hall.

Reflect on the lesson you taught

The enjoyable thing was we had fun doing our arts and carfts and there were heaps of smiles on our visitors faces. What was challenging was cleaning up the work and running out of glue. What i could've done was get enough glue sticks for the glue gun so it won't run out. What i learned was that teaching something about your culture can be fun and interesting.

Teaching them was fun because it gave me something to do and they enjoyed it.
It was hard teaching them and it was hard to teach Shayden how to dougie becuase his leg kept going right up. So i concentrated on his hands and body instead.
I learnt that everyone learns things differently - what i found easy, they found hard.

I found it easy but they were finding it kind of hard. I learned that its good to teach people something that they don't know.

I liked seeing them have fun on the computers.

The enjoyable thing was teaching people and being able to connect with them.

Should we use bar-class in our regular class schedule?

Yes because it would give the teachers a rest. Sometimes i am put in a group and told what im learning. It would be nice to choose.

I think kids should teach other kids to do math and reading
and writing.

yes because i learn from them better because i feel more relaxed around them.

i would like that because when you are with other people they talk about other things but teachers just only talk about what we are learning...

Yes - Because it will be really good for your friends because they will be able to listen more often.

This would be better because we could choose what we wanted to do and sometimes kids are better at teaching each other because we help each other and understand each other.If we didn't get something we could ask the teacher and then go back and teach each other...

yes because its nice learning from other kids and if i think that they have a done a good job i could let them play.

I like being taught by other kids because we can chat about other things at the same time.

I would like to be able to choose what i do. you shouldn't always have to stay in the same group and learn what the teacher wants you to.

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  1. I love this idea and totally want to try it out next year - ran out of time for this one. I love your reflections - they just highlight how much we have missed by not doing this!
    Thanks BMPS and Miss TJ!