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We are a year 5/6 (9-10 year olds) class from Bairds Mainfreight Primary School in Auckland, NZ.

You can see some of our learning that took place in Room 12 in 2010 and 2011.

NB: I have moved to a new school now so this blog is no longer active. You are still welcome to comment and look at the great fun we had over the past two years.

Thank you for all the lovely comments :)
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010



I have noticed our blog stats are going up and up over the holidays. I thought it might be you looking at it. If it is leave a comment and tell us what you are up to :)

Today I am off to meet Mrs Wills for coffee and I will get to see her new baby!

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Happy holidays!!!

Mrs T-J xx

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

culture groups

I'm a little bit nervous about the performance tonight because we are doing it in front of dozens of people.hopefully my boys can do the haka good


OMG!!! I'm so scared of doing the dance in front of dozens of people .
hopefully Iget some money $

cook island

when i was there Mrs Wilson from room 9 was recording us while were dancing
but when we were finished we looked at the video and i said to my self
i need to fix my dancing when we were finished i said i can do it.

Jayden's cultural performance

Video taken by Mrs Wilson in Room 9
Here I am introducing the Cook Island Cultural group.
Who the? What the ,where the , yes ow yeah what is it? It is the culture festival i totally forgot about it. Did you know that it is tonight? That is so boring, no it is not! The cultural festival is about sharing your tradition with others like Samoa,Tonga,Fiji,Tahiti and Hawaii that brings us together and that is a symbol of life and that's the best thing you can ever have.

cutural festival

i think that cultural groups are a great way to interact with people and to learn about other cultures i bet that our cultural performance is going to be the best

Monday, September 20, 2010

jade, tuseilda and julia

here is the photo peach we made for you to watch answer our quiz
hope you enjoy it!!!

Nature shots on PhotoPeach


PIPA came to our school! They played cool games with us and then we got to perform in front of each other. It was cool. We can't wait to see them again next term!!!

St Clair Wordle

What have we learnt about St Clair?

Wordle: St Clair

Sunday, September 19, 2010

WEEK 10 NEWS!!!!!!

St Clair looks fun

1) what do you think St clair is like?

I think st clair is a place where there are alot of changes happening like bedford street-when they use to have candy shops and hairdresser shops and now they changed it to cafe's and houses.

2) what places look interesting?

The places that interesting to me is the camp store because I love lollies and ice blocks alot!

3)what would you do if you visited?

if i visited st clair i would first go to st clair and see what they have been learning in school and if they really are inspired by our blog.

4)do our post-cards make interested in our place?

yes because I can see how much fun you guys have in st clair!

St clair - by Emma

I think St Clair is really nice (more than before) and I think that it has got more colour. I think that Esplanade is really a nice place. I like how its set. I would go to the beach and I would visit bedford street. I really like your post cards. It makes me want to go to the beach.

wow st clair

I think that St Clair is a great place to go because of the beaches and schools.
The things that look interesting are the before and after photos and the history
and the shopping centers
If I visited I would go to the beaches and then I would go to
the shop and get the 50 cent lollies.
Yes i haven't even been there and I all ready love the place.

St Clair - by Zanitha

What i can see about St Clair is that they have alot of lovely cafes and i love seeing heaps of cafes.
I think that the beach is very interesting to hang out at because I can see that st clair's beach is very calm.
If I would go to st clair to visit,the first place i'd go to is ....
St Clair's school because it looks very lovely.
yes, St Clair's post cards make me very interested and I think that my class will agree.

More postcards

i looked at the post card with the lifesavers. In the past they tied the rope to the life-savers but
now they get in a motor boat and rescue people.
i like the esplanade and the cafe and bars
are cool.
If i were there i would explore their neighbourhood.
by nelson

St Clair Post Cards

St Clair sounds like a cool place. It has lots of shops at the beach
It sounds like the beach is a cool place to go to because I love to go to the beach.
If I were there I would vist the...
St Clair school
I am really interested now that i have seen the post-cards. I think My class will agree too.

Now there are lots of shops at the beach and the houses are new and fancy. But before there were not many shops at the beach - just houses
The houses were old and made of wood.

From Phoenix.

PS Thanks For the chocolate We will send you something back.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Term 3 Round-Up

Here is a slideshow made in PhotoPeach.

Some of the titles are quiz questions. Press the correct answer!

Term 3 Round-up on PhotoPeach

Old Oak Footage

Hi Room 12

I know that you think that the Oak tree will NEVER grow, but look what I found in my picture files ...

What month do you think this footage was taken?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010