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We are a year 5/6 (9-10 year olds) class from Bairds Mainfreight Primary School in Auckland, NZ.

You can see some of our learning that took place in Room 12 in 2010 and 2011.

NB: I have moved to a new school now so this blog is no longer active. You are still welcome to comment and look at the great fun we had over the past two years.

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Tara T-J
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Get Well Vae-Rose

On Monday Vae-Rose had a bad accident at school and badly damaged her finger. She has had two operations.

Room 12 have made her this video. They did it all on their own. Mrs TJ did not help AT ALL!

Mrs TJ is VERY proud of Vae-Rose for being so brave and she is very proud of Room 12 for being so clever!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

by khayah

Bart was angry as a bull. Ralph went around saying duck and Bart had a crooked crown and they have a huge house a giraffe Bart yelled out with angry eyes he said ''say gose you stuipid freek!''

duck duck!!

There was Bart looking angry and annoyed from the game. His cheap paper crown with celloteap to hold it up on his head was crocked . As Ralph repeatedly went around the circle saying '' duck duck duck duck ''. he said it over and over until Bart lost his temper and yelled out to Ralph,
''say goose you stupid freak!!'' then Ralph 's feeling's get hurt and he runs out crying

duck duck duck-by conrad

It was Bart's birthday. They played duck duck duck goose. It got to Bart. Bart was sitting angrily. He was annoyed he shouted in a loud angry voice "say goose you stupid freak." Because Ralph just kept saying "duck duck duck". Ralph ran home with tears on his face.:D

DUCK, DUCK, DUCK................................

Face with boredom as Ralph goes on and on saying duck, duck, duck.
Bart feeling rage inside of him, his cheap looking, little purple crown hanging
crookedly on his little yellow head.

Fat little Ralph is still going round and round hitting every bodies heads
still saying "duck, duck, duck..."
Bart still sitting there more and more anger pouring into his mind.

Ralph is near Bart getting closer and closer still saying "duck, duck, duck..."
Ralph nearly hits Bart on the head until suddenly,
Shouted Bart with so much anger that poor little Ralph gets so scared that tears
fill up in his eyes.
As he runs away crying like a baby (what a crybaby)
every body just sits there silenced.

Duck duck duck!!!

Seeing Bart sitting on the floor with a deep frown on his face and his cheap looking crooked crown. "Duck, duck, duck" hearing Ralph with his high - pitched squeaky voice. Ralph gets up to Bart DUCK! "Say goose you stupid freak" shouts Bart. "waaa waaa waaa" Ralph waddles off like a penguin crying as if waterfalls were coming down from his eyes.

duck duck duck by nelson

In the Simpson cartoon Bart is having a party. They're playing duck duck goose
but Ralph is not saying goose. All he's doing is running around in circles
tapping them on the head saying 'duck'. Bart is getting really frustrated and angry the
cheap crown on his head is crocked and purple but when his had enough he yells at Ralph and says to him,
"Say duck you stupid freak!" and Ralph runs away in tears

Duck Duck By Jasmin

When Ralph started saying, "duck duck" Bart was getting bored. When Ralph was up to Bart, Bart said to Ralph ''Just say goose you stupid freak!''

Ralph was very very sad Ralph had tears coming out of his poor eyes. Ralph was very upset when Bart called Ralph a stupid freak.

duck duck duck By danielle

Bart was sitting with his arms crossed and with a purple paper hat on Bart's yellow head. Ralph went round and round saying "duck duck duck..."
Then Bart said to Ralph
"say goose you stupid freak...."
Then Ralph went home with a sad face with tears coming down his poor eyes.

birthday at bart's house - by Imo

Bart was sitting with his arms crossed and Bart had a very tired and angry face. He was disturbed by Ralph. Ralph never stopped saying "duck duck duck..." Bart was going to pop because Ralph never shouted goose. Half of his family was asleep and his mum was bored. Then bart says "SAY GOOSE YOU STUPID fREAK." AND Ralph ran crying to the door slammed the door very hard. His family woke up because the door was slammed.


In the beginning Ralph was patting peoples heads saying "Duck,duck,duck..." for about one hour

While Ralph was saying duck, Bart was very angry at Ralph. I think he even wanted to murder Ralph too. So when Ralph patted Bart's head Bart said "Say goose you stupid freak".

Then when Bart said "Say goose you stupid freak!" just for like five seconds Ralph just started crying and he ran away...

..........THE END.........

Duck Duck Duck But No Goose . By:Zanitha

A quiet afternoon in a small neighborhood full of DUCK DUCK DUCK but no goose.
Waiting for Ralph to say goose,the people that are playing know that this game wasn't a good game to play besides no games are good to play with Ralph unless he's playing with Casper.

The only good game to play with Ralph would be hide and go seek because you can run straight away from him and he won't even know.

All of Bart Simpson's family came and now they are sleeping. This was a bad idea. A few hours went by and Bart get so frustrated that he screams out of nowhere
Ralph's tears flows down like a water pipe has just cracked open out his eyes and then the teary Ralph runs out in tears.
I bet you every one's happy that he left