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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last Good-Bye: By Zanitha

Watch this scene and then check out the writing below :)

Hearing the screeching door opening,Kitty looks directly at Boo in a sad kind of way. Suddenly,Boo gets so happy that she runs through her room, picks her well known toys and passes them to Kitty and Kitty says,
"Oh that's cute!"
While Boo picks another toy and squeezes it, Kitty says,
"That's very nice."
A few minutes later, Kitty carefully tosses the toys on the ground and picks Boo up saying
"Come here you."
They both laugh together in joy and happiness.
While Kitty tucks Boo in her warm pink bed,Kitty Says....."Kitty has to go now."
Boo points to her closet where they first met each other and then Kitty said
"No-ones coming out of your closet to scare you anymore."
Knowing Boo's sad face, Kitty gets it too.
His big blue eyes get watery and then he leaves her room through the closet.
Boo can't bare not to see Kitty again so she jumps out of her bed, goes towards her closet, and says "BOO."
But kittys not there.

1 comment:

  1. Very cool writing Zanitha. Such a sad scene and you've captured it well with your writing.
    Keep it up Zanitha
    Miss K